Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of professional and compassionate care for our patients, we specialize in all dental aspects, quality care is at the heart of the services that we provide for all patients each day, we have a multidisciplinary clinical team who carry out our clinic’s mission on daily basis, we know you have a choice in dental care and we consider it as a true honor and privilege to care for you or any of your family members

who are we ?

We are an integrated team of dentists with different specialties covering all branches of dentistry and patient needs, supported by professional assistants and technicians in their fields.
With each new working day, we have a daily duty and question, which is how we can develop ourselves and how to help our customers receive the best service in the most comfortable and fast manner because the time of the patient and the time of the doctor are important elements that are of great importance to us
Dentistry, in our opinion, is an art with academic scientific bases with potential for creativity bound by scientific rules.
The presence of all specialties under one roof allows to provide an integrated consultation from all points of view of the branches of dentistry, which leads to the best plans and consequently the results.

Who is Dr. Maan Shamma?

With great passion, he started working in this field since 1996 with a focus on the importance of the treatments in general and cosmetic treatments in particular in harmony with the oral milieu, hence the great focus on fixed structures and implants as the most important specialties in which he excelled.
It is multi-skilled, for example, treating children’s teeth was and still is one of the most beloved branches of dentistry, so you find it friendly to children and in an incredible way, from Dr. Maan’s convictions that the child should come out of the clinic laughing and in an atmosphere of comfort for the child and the parents, with eagerness for a visit coming. During this period, he has treated more than 70,000 cases with an amazing success rate.
The doctor believes that the patient’s health is the essence of treatment, and at the same time, he offers, if possible, a number of treatment options, provided that the patient’s health is not affected. All of the above in the best atmosphere of love and comfort


OUR Philosophy

The teeth are created to stay with us all the life. They are excellent tools that help us to enjoy with the life. One of our mission is restore the ability on enjoyment with this tools by concentrating on bioesthetic dentistry

In our clinics we are applying the principles of restoring natural jaw alignment as part of an overall treatment plan to address a range of dental problems and concerns. The goal of treatment is to address the functional issues first so that the results of your dentistry are lasting and support long term oral health and wellness. Once natural chewing function is stabilized, we will work with you to repair tooth damage, align the teeth or make adjustments to the biting surface of the teeth for allowing proper contact to be established. A treatment plan may include several recommended procedures to fully restore a smile that is comfortable, naturally functioning and lasting.


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